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​                          Hello and thank you for stopping by Little Seven, 


    WE are a "made to order" shop, WE don't keep any backstock of our designs. WE only make jewlery once it has been ordered.


     We offer Stainless Steel, brass, and copper versions in all designs and most sizes. Currently we carry Steel from 14g to 00g, brass from 14g to 4g and Copper from 12g to 2g, all for the same price. 

    Our Stainless Steel  is 316LVM ASTM F-138
    Our Brass (85% Copper/15% Zinc) More of a gold color instead of yellow like most Brass
    Our Copper is just straight up copper.


                                                 Brass and Copper Jewelry info

     Certain metal jewelry may cause reactions in sensitive individuals & may include nickel allergies or discoloration of the skin.  Metals containing copper, including brass, may develop a various colors of patina.  This may be removed with a hand polishing cloth or with a buffing wheel.  Brass and Copper Jewelry if wiped down daily with a microfiber cloth before wearing will keep them from leaving the oxidization on your skin. Soap and water will clean the coloring off your skin.

                                                                PVD Coating

The process used to black-coat jewelry is called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). It is an outer coating over a base metal (titanium or steel). This jewelry is fine for autoclaving or steam sterilization treatments.

  • PVD coated jewelry will fade and possibly chip over time but our PVD is the best quality and longest lasting available.

  • Do not use alcohol or harsh chemicals to clean jewelry. Just use standard antibacterial soap and warm water to clean jewelry.


     FREE SHIPPING for all retail orders in the United States.

Subsidized international shipping for $10 (meaning, we don't charge the entire shipping cost, just a flat fee of $10.) Worldwide.

Please allow 2 weeks for for U.S. delivery and 2-4 weeks for International delivery. We use Paypal as our payment processor but don't worry, even if you don't have a Paypal account you are still able to use a credit card to purchase. 


     All sales are final but you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return jewelry for credit towards other Little Seven Jewelry. For brass and copper jewelry that doesn't work out, We will trade-out for steel versions.


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